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Vintage, a symbol of charm and authenticity


Vintage decoration is an open door to the past: revisit bygone eras while creating a warm, authentic atmosphere in your home. To meet your expectations, SRC Parquet captures this unique spirit through the "Vintage" collection of parquet floors and finishes.

A timeless story in contemporary design

The 1960s and 1970s gave birth to the vintage craze, later propelling this style to the top of the trends. In a world where mass production predominates, consumers are now looking for unique pieces charged with history and character. Today, vintage continues to influence interior design styles and trends, bringing meaning and authenticity to every room. Vintage elements create a captivating visual balance.

cluny oak floor aged unfinished atmosphere src parquet burgundy

Bring a touch of authenticity into your home

Vintage in interior design goes far beyond ephemeral trends: it embodies a true statement of style and personality.

Whether you choose our Cluny Vieilli or Cîteaux Vieilli parquets, your space will be transformed into a veritable journey back in time.
Let yourself be transported to memories that evoke the charm of the schoolhouse of yesteryear, thanks to our parquet floors that have been carefully hammered and scraped to create this unique vintage aesthetic. Each plank recalls the classrooms of yesteryear, the floors worn by the footsteps of previous generations. With these carefully crafted details, SRC Parquet invites you to relive the warm, timeless memories of childhood, adding emotion to your décor.

Dive into a world of timeless elegance by exploring customization with vintage finishes, evoking the parquet floors of old houses: shiny, warm, matte, flamboyant… Find the shade that will evoke the emotion you’re looking for.