Notre histoire

It was in 1965 that the Scieries Réunies du Chalonnais were created from the merging of three distinct sawmills:

SARL Lapray in Buxy
SARL Geley in Varennes-le-Grand
SA Juillot in Mercurey
This grouping together would take place gradually in several stages:

1965: Shared purchase of logs and distribution between the three sawmills
1966: Shared sale for significant markets and shared estimate of cuts
1968: The definitive merging is decided on
1970: Purchase of 15 hectares of land in Givry on which the shared sawmill is built.
In the 1980's the third generation Dominique Juillot the grandson joined the family business to gradually succeed his father Maurice Juillot.


He developped the company by investing and above all created a new company in January 2001 called SRC Parquet, specialised in manufacturing solid oak flooring that was established on the same production site. Independent of the Scieries Réunies du Chalonnais legally speaking, it was attached to it for raw material supplies.

Since 2009, the 4th generation Marion Juillot, great-granddaughter, joined the family business, providing a more modern vision of the company's marketing and creating new ranges of end products.

In 2012 SRC Parquet therefore invested in a finishing line thus mastering the production chain from forest felling to the delivery of finished flooring, then at the end of 2014 embarked on manufacturing semi solid oak flooring by investing in a manufacturing line that was able to offer from that point on a broader product range.

Today the keywords of this family business are Innovation, Reliable, Quality, Expertise and Environmentally-friendly...