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The PEFC certification

The PEFC certification is a means of ensuring that a forest is managed sustainably. Affixed to a wood-based product the PEFC trademark is proof of the forest owner and the company's commitment to implementing sustainable forest management practices. Il also ensures ecological, economic, social and ethical standards are abided by when implementing these practices.

The certification system imposes the setting up of a control chain from the harvesting. It consists in clearly distinguishing between certified woods and those not certifed throughout the transformation and distribution chain.

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Parquet de France

100% made in France.

Préference given to use of national wood production.

Use woods exclusively from certified forests.

Identifiable and traceable.

Adopt a quality assurance approach that goes beyond regulatory requirements.


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CE marking

Mandatory conformity marking for products concerned by directives.

Compliance with essential requirements fixed by NA directives, by means of a standardised European standard (NF EN) or not.

This marking allows for the free movement of goods within the EU.

Under the sole liability of the manufacturer.