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For nearly 50 years, the Scieries Réunies du Chalonnais have been situated in the heart of the vineyards and famous oak groves of Burgundy.

It's in this exceptional setting that several generations of men, obsessed by their passion for wood, have allowed the company to acquire the experience and know-how that give it its reputation today.

A unique heritage dedicated to a unique wood that we have been happy to share with you for 4 generations...

Notre histoire

Our company's history began back in the 1960's in Mercurey with SA Juillot owned at the time by greatgrandfather Emile Juillot.

A wonderful history of family, enthusiasts and the passing down of know-how about working with wood! Maurice Juillot the grandfather succeeded Emile Juillot his father and wanted at this time to group together other sawmills of the region to facilitate investments, boost staff, group together purchasing and gradually increase production volumes.  

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